This is the landing page for the various programming experiments I have created over the years, and which I am slowly gathering or re-creating as time allows. Where possible, all code is contained in a single page to allow for easy reading and downloading. Any external libraries are drawn from CDN sources, where possible.

Lindenmayer System Explorer – An interactive playground for creating L-system patterns. Written in Javascript.

2D Cellular Automata Playground – An update of a Flash project from 2003. This experiment creates 2d patterns using cellular automata rules as described by Stephen Wolfram in his book A New Kind of Science. Written in Javascript. Also up on Codepen.

Langton’s Ant in 2D – The original Langton’s Ant cellular automaton, with heat map to show ant activity across individual cells. Written in Javascript.

Langton’s Ant in 3D – A 3D version of the Langton’s Ant cellular automaton written in Javascript and using the Three.js Javascript library for 3D rendering.

Procedural Terrain Explorer – Procedural terrain generator playground, using Simplex Noise. Can be viewed flat or in 2.5 D. Written in Javascript. Also up on CodePen.

Trigonometron – My first real interactive programming toy, started in late 2001 and completed in early 2002. It’s a trigonometry experiment where a cluster of balls move along different paths – tricuspoid, tetracuspoid, lemniscate, etc. Written in Dynamic HTML. The version here is exactly as written 19 years ago, including a browser check for Netscape Navigator.