Less than half-way through a four-day weekend — the second in two weeks — and outside is gray and white and quiet. As of this weekend the house next door is completely vacant; the for-rent sign in the first floor window has a twin upstairs

I discovered Kurzweil AI a few days ago. It is a fascinating site, making good use of The Brain for navigating its complex store of information. Quite the site.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. My new years resolutions have grown progressively more vague or subtle since I left college. “Get a job” changed to “Learn more about Buddhism”, then to “Reduce the amount of mediocrity in my life”. That was last year. I have (I feel) done a good job of being less mediocre; I take better care of myself. I have mad skillz in the web development department. I am much less likely to kill someone for looking at me funny.

Looking back on the personal stresses of last year, I see that I need to do something with the way I use time. I waste a lot of it on unnecessary activities, so the necessary activities get short shrift. Yeah… that’s a suitably vague New Years resolution: make better use of my time. And I bet it never even gets off the ground.

By the by, none of the links are hooked up yet.

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