Math Anxiety

After two days of being STUPID I fixed the math on the flocking experiment and now have bugs facing the direction they are flying. Aren’t they cute? When they get in formation, imagine Ride of the Valkyries playing in the background.

In two days I and a group of friends are off to the Astronomical ConFusion science fiction convention in Warren, Michigan. This will be my second Con; the first was WindyCon in Chicago in November of 2000. As we were drinking breakfast on that Sunday, the lovely and talented Christian summed up the entirety of geekdom as follows:

“You look at these people, and you see that some of them, this is the one time a year they get to cut loose and be freaks, no judgement, just a weekend of good fun. Then there are those people, you look at them and you just know, they will spend the rest of their lives pumping gas in a crushed velvet cape and pointy ears.”


I dove into the memetics book again today, discovered some interesting things, but I am too tired to think about it right now. Maybe I will post something tomorrow while I’m cleaning off my prosthetic Klingon forehead.

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