Once More Into the Breach

Er, hello… I am so grateful to see so many of you have braved the weather to be here tonight. I have put a lot of work into the latest round of my site. Amusing and informing the public is the noblest of causes. Or was that True Love? No matter…

Why did I rebuild my site? Pure, bone-deep laziness. The less work I have to do to maintain this theng, the better. So I learned a little XML, and little XSL, a little PHP, and a little Javascript, and viola ! All I need to worry about is the words.

And why the change from .com to .org? No good reason, really. This site is a past-time… a pursuit… a hobby. A place to collect my thoughts and inflict them on the viewing public. I am a professional at work. Here… I am Your Host.

(sound of crickets chirping)


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