Putting Away Childish Things

Well, it’s official. I just put up a placeholder/redirect page at www.eccesignum.com , directing wayward surfers here. I had es.com for two years, through six major and numerous minor iterations. From Photoshop crimes through amazing cross-browser Javascript hacks, to building serious Cascading Style Sheet mojo, to Flash experiments, to this: a full dynamic website.

All that stuff is gone. I have a lot of it stored locally, but I doubt if I will post it, except perhaps in another year or so when I am feeling nostalgic.

In another year no-one will bother to browser-check for Netscape 4, except in the most rabidly conservative shops. If I were my own boss, providing NS4 compatibility would automatically raise the cost of a project by 25%. Just to make the page work. To make it look good would add another 25% to both the cost and the time necessary to complete the project. Dammit!

But that is all water under the bridge. My next two projects for es.o: a content management system, and a fully functioning Flash version, using the same XML you are currently viewing.