I’m Baaaaaack!

Hi. Me again. Did you miss me?

Did you notice I was gone?


Richmond was beautiful. Spent a lot of time in the Fan district, over near VCU, from which the lovely and talented Rachael recently graduated.

I took a lot of pictures, mostly of the point-the-camera-out-the-car-window variety, and most of those on the drive back home through Pennsylvania. I will post a few when I get them chopped down in size.

This was my first vacation, my first break in The Routine, since February of 2001. I was so burned out by the week of my birthday (June 5, thanks for noticing) that the daily walk to work was a coin-toss between stopping for coffee and jumping in front of a bus. I will leave you-all to guess how THAT turned out.

But I feel better. Much less burned out. Motivated to do something creative. Time to take a break from learning new things and instead do more with what I already know.

In other news, bit-101 is doing the kind of things I should be doing, Brian is continually making subtle tweaks to his beautiful site, and Scott is feeling angsty.

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