It’s Damn Hot

For the past three weeks the temperature has not dropped enough for dew to form on the grass or the windows of my car. I have even forgone one of the great pleasures of my life — walking to work. At night I sweat myself to sleep and wake up in the morning feeling like I spent the night running.

My apartment is in an old hardware store, built around the turn of the century. The walls are 18 inches of red brick. During the day they absorb sunlight, and at night they expel that light in the form of heat into my apartment. Thus my apartment as night is at least ten degrees hotter than the air outside.

Not long ago I commented that if I ever go into business for myself — building websites — that providing support of any kind for Netscape 4 would automatically raise my rates by 25%. Well, after discovering the breaking point for that browser, I have decided that, no matter the hit my business would take, I will do naught for NS4 other than create a redirect to the Mozilla upgrade page. To Hell with old browsers.

Damn, it’s hot out.

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