I Am Armed

Spent several hours on Sunday down at the Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire. I couldn’t bear the thought of dressing up in Renaissance Garbe this year so I did the tourist thing, armed with camera and money, and just wandered around staring at the sights. Just before I left I made an impulse purchase:

The axe was made by Christian Michaels Arms and Armour , makers of beautiful, high quality, expensive weapons.

In other news I went bowling for the first time in seven years (bachelor party) and discovered a disturbing event called “extreme bowling”.

In an effort to make bowling interesting to the younger generations it has been combined with a techno club atmosphere to make for an environment conducive to neither bowling nor dancing.

Picture, if you will, a bowling alley. Turn off the overhead lights. Turn on blinking runner lights along the lanes. Then turn on blacklights so the silly-putty colored bowling balls glow like miniature suns, difficult to look at. Now turn on the laser light show and spin stars and squares and mushrooms across the length and breadth of the bowling alley.

Then try to hit the pins. Unless you have the concentration of Musashi you will be lucky to break into the double digits.

I should have brought the axe.

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