I Am a 1337 g33k

So about 11pm yesterday I sat down to figure out how much work it would be to mark up the Chesterton book into XML. An hour later it was done. You can see it here , in the raw XML form. I expect to have an XSL stylesheet up by the end of the weekend.

Since that one was so easy, I am of a mind to do another. This one will also be a book, as the format is more simple than that of a play or a poem. What shall I pick? Hmmm…

And the winner, weighing in at a respectable 182k, is Marie by Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin!!

My work on this classic piece of Russian literature is dedicated to Dr. Christine Rydel, of the Grand Valley State University Russian Studies Department, without whose guidance I would never have learned how to get an education in college.

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