Pro Bono Publico

Well, I had to go back and edit my post from November 7. The reason? Looking at my endlessly entertaining traffic statistics page I found that someone searching for “pictures of P4m3la 4nd3r50n” (spelled in 1337 to protect, uh, me) had ended up here at es.o. Silly putty I can handle, but not I REPEAT NOT this.

Besides: I think the change makes that entry a little more…poetic.

A follow-up to yesterday’s post: The backward text , as I mentioned, works everywhere except Internet Explorer on the Macintosh. Well, IE/Mac is the only major browser that currently adds quotation marks to the quote tag, as should happen according to the w3c specification. So if you are looking to quote Hebrew text in a manner consistent with current web standards, you are out of luck.

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