The Eisen case left me with a bad taste in my mouth, so in a fit of almost-civil-disobedience I marked up “The Raven” and added it to the Project Gutenberg pages.

While I was Taking It To The Man the UPS fella came by and dropped off a completely kick-ass CD by Bonerama out of New Orleans. I bought the CD based on a single track I heard on WYCE a couple of weeks ago; a twelve minute funky jam version of Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein . Sure, it’s already a bad-ass song, but when a band comprised of five trombones, a bass, a tuba and drums plays it you’d swear the top of your head is coming off. Amazing.

Look for some design changes to es.o in the next few weeks. Brian and Bock are in the process of redesigning and that has me thinking that my stuff is a little dusty.

I had the stunning insight this morning that Jacques Derrida is to philosophy what L. Ron Hubbard is to religion. My opinion has not changed: deconstructionism is still stupid.

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