Charles T. Sell was a dentist for a number of years before he was arrested on over 60 charges of insurance and other kinds of fraud. He has spend the last five years in jail because he is suffering from serious mental illness and has been deemed not competent to stand trial.

Unless he is medicated.

Given his current state of mind, which includes the fear that the government is trying to kill him, this medication would have to be forced upon him. So he is appealing the decision.

Did you catch that? The government, in order to make him sane enough to stand trial, is trying to force medication upon a man who is suffering paranoid delusions that the government is trying to kill him.

The legal community is rather nonplussed. Adding to the confusion is the fact that he hasn’t actually been convicted of anything yet.

I don’t feel much of anything about this case, one way or the other, but wow! what an odd situation to be in. In order to cure his paranoia they need to feed it.

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