Horoshii denh Rozhdeniy

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
I probably have to work until midnight tonight!!!!
Happy Birthday to me!!!

So: What did you get me?

As thanks to the universe for reconfiguring itself so that I may exist in this space-time continuum, today I am going to Kick Ass and Take Names.

A few weeks back a spoiled brat 18-year-old high school senior named Blair L. Hornstine was named co-valedictorian, along with two other people. Instead of being gracious and congratulating her classmates on their good fortune, or even simply protesting the school’s decision to have more valedictorians than the traditional One, she sued her school for $2,700,000.

Her excuse was that, because she suffered from an immune deficiency, she deserved special privileges, among which apparently was the privilege to acquire by cheating something she couldn’t get by skill. So far the public response has been a unanimous “Grow Up and Get A Life”.

Yesterday it came to light that she had plagiarized some articles she had written for her school newspaper. Her excuse was “I’m not a professional journalist. I didn’t know these things.” That excuse might have flown had she used it before she sued her school, but with that act she forever lost any and all right to ever complain about any unethical behavior anywhere in the universe.

Also, her father is a judge.

So now there is an online petition asking Harvard to rescind their invitation for her to start college in September. As of this post there are around 1700 signatures. I think it would be a nice birthday present to me, if I could see the total hit ten thousand before the end of the day.

More to follow as I think up other Good Works to perform on this, the 34th anniversary of the beginning of my current incarnation.