A State of Grace

I have a friend named Rick who I met the day I started studying with Master Lee . Rick is Master Lee’s senior instructor and has helped teach me most everything I know about martial arts. He is one of the hardest working, most diligent people I have ever met, and everything he does, he does with an air of grace and humility. He is one of the world’s truly brilliant souls.

Today Rick married his longtime girlfriend/fiance Behnje. It was a small ceremony, full of poetry and teachings from the faiths of the world. Perhaps twenty friends, and 150 immediate family members (they both come from BIG families). Potato Moon , whose muse shines like the sun, provided the music.

Now Rick and Behnje are off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks; the honeymoon is the first vacation they have had in many years.

Rick, Behnje… being your friend is the greatest of gifts.


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