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Begin 9:00pm update

Back at work, doing a partial upload of a client site which will launch at 8:00am. We are still waiting on “minor” last-minute content changes. We will see…

Back a couple of years ago I came across a site which stunned me with it’s simplicity, novelty, and the sheer genius of the idea. I marveled at it, admired it for a while, then kind of lost track of it in the shifting prismatic landscape that is the internet.

Well I just stumbled across it again. It is still up, it is still doing its thing. So, without further ado, and with an eye toward spreading the word to all corners of this benighted world, I present to you the Prime Number Shitting Bear .

End 9:00pm update

Those of you who are worried about the Blaster worm, go here for info and go here for the tool to use to remove the worm . Note that Symantec is a third party debugging Microsoft’s software for them, since the powers that be at M$ seems incapable of doing it themselves.

To reiterate: this problem is 100% the fault of Microsoft. Any attempt to justify incomplete or buggy software by using the x-manufacturing simile, where x = [cars, architecture, television,social engineering], is simply a non-sequitur. Cars are cars, and software is software. The one will never be the other.

That having been said, I will continue to use Microsoft products and I will continue to wish a slow and painful death on everyone who works at or is a shareholder of Microsoft, who believes anything other than that the convenience of the end user is more important than paychecks, stock prices, and indeed, the existence of the company.

Dear Microsoft: Take some fucking responsibility for your actions.

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