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Well, I have my hands full teaching this class at Kendall College of Art and Design . It looks like my stint will last a week longer than anticipated, as the regular teacher is a little under the weather right now.

So since I don’t have time to thrill you with my brilliant insights into whateverthehell, here is a short list of places I think you should visit:

World Blogs
A catalog of english-language weblogs from all over the world, including two (two!) in Antarctica.

Book Crossing
Got books you no longer read? Release them into the wild and track their movements! (Link courtesy of Scott )

A completely open-source, community-built and controlled, copy-lefted online encyclopedia. 150,000 entries and counting.

Browser Cam
This is one for the developers out there. Enter a URL and your target platform/browsers, and receive screen-captures on the fly. Price starts at $1.00 per url. An amazing resource!

Kind of a magazine, kind of a blog, kind of a hangout. Full of really smart people talking about really intelligent things. Like Traffic Zoology , an article I discovered while browsing…

Boing Boing
A directory of wonderful things.

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