It appears that the brain-busting work I did with cellular automata experiments is attracting a bit of attention. This fella has graciously linked to my site; an act I consider high praise indeed, considering the amount of Mojo he wields.

In other news [DEVELOPERS – you know who you are!!] someone with a Big Brain has figured out how to run multiple versions of MS Internet Explorer on Windows platforms (scroll to the bottom of the page for the standalone downloads). This one simple act suddenly makes cross-browser testing vastly easier. And on that note, I have two things to say to users of IE5.0 and 5.5: [1] Sorry about the glitches in my site, and [2] Upgrade your damn browsers to Mozilla or Firebird .

This development in no way lessens my loathing of IE5.0 and IE5.5. In fact, by installing them on my computer I feel like I am somehow now in league with the virus-writing 15-year-olds of the world.