Yup. No Surprises Here.

After a marathon eleven hour stretch of coding, ending at 7pm today (21 hours of coding in 2 days), the project from hell is out the door. And the client called at 6:30 to say, “You know, when I said I would be in on Christmas Eve for a several hour long meeting to look at the thing, well, I have decided to wait until after Christmas. Hope you didn’t work too hard.”

God. Dammit.

At least now I don’t have to work on Christmas Eve. Maybe I will have time to start my Christmas shopping. On a happier note, I am taking the rest of the year off of work. I don’t have to go back until January, um… 5. 13 days off. I haven’t had that much down-time since I was unemployed one summer back in the college days.

Got my packet in the mail from Kendall. Classes start January 12 and run through the end of April.

So to all of my readers – who I hope were appropriately awed by the amazing fractal- snowflake- wreath thing – Happy Holidays!

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