Fall Down Go Boom

The building in which my place of employment is located was, at one time, a brassworks. Blocks of brass went in, and pipe fitting went out. The brassworks was built next to a pre-existing foundry. Both have been standing, in one form or another, for the better part of a hundred years.


Last week a demolition crew began work on the old foundry in order to make room for a new hotel.Their tools range in size from “crowbar” to “tyrannosaurus”. They make a hell of a racket.


When the brassworks was built it shared a wall with the foundry. Or rather, an additional layer of wall was built onto the foundry to serve as a wall for the brassworks. The inside of that wall is now the south wall of the studio in which I work.

The process for removing the foundry wall from the brassworks wall is much like removing old dried-on chewing gum from the bottom of a desk, except that instead of a knife the workers are using a sledge, a crowbar, and a pneumatic jackhammer.


On a related note, we around the office have been joking about seeing if we can get a new window out of the deal.

You can probably see where this is going.


Personally, I was hoping for something a little bigger.

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