You Know What’s Funny?

Americans fighting over what it means to be patriotic.
Millionaires talking about sacrifice.
Fat people blaming food.
Alcoholics blaming beer.
Dumb people blaming television.
People who vote blaming people who don’t vote.
People who don’t vote blaming people who vote.
People who mistake the Administration for the country.
People who back their beliefs with violence.
People who are willing to kill but not to die.
Christians who blame God.
Buddhists who blame God.
Atheists who blame religion.
Politicians who take credit for anything.
Politicians who consider themselves to be leaders.
Politicians who call other politicians dishonest.
People who believe that The Right exists.
People who believe that The Left exists.
People who put themselves in categories.
People who believe in precedents.
People who believe in presidents.
People who believe presidents.

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