Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Today I am/was/will be absolutely buried under work at my day job, so I cut the Kendall class a little short. To make up for this I gave my students their first homework assignment.

I got a few heartfelt (hah!) “Awwww”s about my workload, so I told them to use me as an object lesson, if any of them are insane enough to want make a career out of web development. Long hours, burnout, and the joy of watching project after project march off into IT Department oblivion, said I.

Well, honestly, whattayagonnado? It’s a living. It’s a steady paycheck. If you are not too burned out to care, you can learn something new with every project. And if you are too burned out, you will learn how long you can work without falling to pieces or killing your co-workers.

But you know…there are times when a week of rest feels more important than all the clients in the world.

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