Obligatory Political Post II

Today I voted against George Bush. To do so effectively, I was forced to vote for John Kerry. I am deeply and profoundly disappointed that Kerry was the best that the Democrats could come up with. Now Howard Dean, there was a candidate!

I voted against Bush because he is utterly incompetent as a politician, and quite stupid to boot. I care nothing about his platform, or Kerry’s for that matter. By the time a politician makes it into the White House s/he is so whored out and used up politically that to believe the attendant campaign promises would be laughably naive.

The only President that I can think of who did more damage to this country than George W Bush was probably Jefferson Davis.

In a less important election I would have voted Libertarian, pretty much a straight ticket; not with any hope of my candidate winning, but with the hope that eventually, sometime in my lifetime, there might be a strong third party. We are long overdue.

God Damn You, George W Bush, for having aspirations so far above your abilities. And God Damn You, John Kerry, for being the only other viable choice.

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