When I launched the new version of this site a couple of months ago, completely unstyled and undesigned, Bock warned me that I would never get around to actually designing the thing now that I had the ability to display content. Well, it seems he was almost right.

The color palette comes from the photo at the top of the page, which was taken at the Frederik Meijer Gardens back in early March of this year. The butterfly is a, er, Heliconius Hecale…? Damn. I seem to have misplaced the information guide from the exhibit. Anyway, the colors displayed on the site are all captured from the above photograph, a technique which I first used on the From the Heart Yoga website three years and one version ago. It sure is a lot easier to come up with a good palette this way, instead of endless hours with color swatches.

In other news I recently accepted an offer to become a member of the Waterfall Productions team, so starting next week I will be back to being an employee. Less freedom, but a much steadier paycheck. Which is a good thing to have right now, because I have decided that it is time to buy a house. When, where and how, I will post as I answer those questions for myself.

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