Here I am, back from a week in Louisiana. In August. Seeing my Dad and Step-mom again was wonderful, as was hanging out with my brother; all people of whom I don’t see nearly enough.

The getting to and returning from Louisiana part wasn’t so great, thanks in large part to the pendejos at Northwest Airlines. On the way down they didn’t put my bags on the plane. The folks in New Orleans International said that every flight out of Detroit that day was missing about twenty pieces, which would show up on the next flight, which would itself be missing about twenty pieces, ad infinitum. I can only imagine that the pendejos of Northwest met at the pendehum (the place pendejos go to learn their trade) that morning and decided to show how indispensable the union was by pissing off all the passengers.

On the way home we were delayed because one of the planes was suffering a case of Mechanic’s Strike and had to be swapped out for one which somebody won in a package of Crackerjacks.

On a brighter note, class starts next Monday so I have been putting together my syllabus for the semester. This year I am coming down like a ton of bricks on, er, goldbrickers who think they can show up to only half of my classes and have a hope in Hell of passing. I will add cruelties as next week approaches.

Plans for buying a house are moving ahead at a moderate but steady pace. Tomorrow I will talk to a banker to get approval on a loan by showing that I actually have a job and won’t be paying for this house with money earned by selling counterfeit Lava Lamps on the black market. Nope. That money is going towards a new set of 36″ rims on my phat Saturn.