The Long, Slow Days of Summer

The day of our Festival performance, June 3, started out on a less-than-promising note. Waves of hail and rain alternated with beautiful sunshine and 75-degree weather.

While we warmed up for the show we hoped we would get lucky. There was a decent-sized crowd, all told, considering what the weather had been doing all day.

But, our luck did not hold out. we ended up underground in the entrance to the county building, along with a captive audience. So we decided to perform anyway. Unfortunately, after the first tai chi form security closed us down, saying another storm, this one including golfball-sized hail, was on its way in. So we called it a day.

The next morning I wandered down to festival again, and listened to some music, and took some photos. Tom Otterness has sculptures up all over town, all of which are quite nifty.

Blues on the Mall kicked off its 2006 season on Wednesday, with Kenny Neal providing the tunes.

Thursday morning, while I was working from home, the local cottonwoods did their thing.

Summer is no time to spend in front of a computer.

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