2008 Already?

The above photo was taken at the Wege/Wittenbach Agri-Science Center in Lowell. Cynthia and I took a walk out there on December 30. I just posted the photos, which can be seen here.

So: 2008. I had a total of eleven days off over the holidays. I spent some time back on the family farm around Christmas, and I had friends from the tai chi class over for a New Year’s Eve party.

Everything about the holidays seemed much more relaxed than in the past. Much less drama, fewer reports of whackiness in the stores, and no emotional hangover. I took advantage of this to take care of a few outstanding projects, including maintenance on my house, working on the new version of the From the Heart Yoga website, and updating the Crime Statistics page to make it as current as possible. So now I can dive into the new year with nothing hanging over my head.

This afternoon, after practice, I spent a couple of hours at work moving the office around. Now that we are People Design, we are working on making our space a little more comfortable, including a cafe area and a library room. So now, after hours of moving around heavy filing cabinets, my grip muscles are sore.

The only New Years’ resolution-type decision I made was as follows: take care of things as they come up. Don’t let issues linger. And I am going to write more.