PicLens is The Bomb

My good droog Scott turned me on to an awesome Firefox browser plugin called PicLens. PicLens is a 3d browser built on top of Firefox which allows for browsing of online collections of images, such as you might find at Flickr, Deviant Art, or looking at a Google Image Search result. The experience is pretty seamless, and there is a search bar sitting unobtrusively in the upper corner, out of the way of everything.

Launching it is extremely simple. Either click on a small icon installed in the upper right corner of the browser chrome, or hover over the images on whatever page you happen to be visiting. If you see a small blue arrow appear in the lower left corner of the image, click on that arrow and it will launch PicLens.

This is a much more elegant and engaging way to peruse stacks of pictures than is the usual browser interface. And at a lowly 1MB download, it is well worth the time to try it out.

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