The Meijer Gardens

Butterflies at the Gardens

The above is a photo taken at the Meijer Gardens last week, during the Foremost Butterflies exhibit. The place was a zoo, people packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the arboretum where the humidity is kept somewhere north of 100%.

Despite the overpopulation of Homo Sapiens, love was in the air, and the bunch of us were treated to a display of quail sex in the middle of one of the walkways.

Outside in the open air there were still a lot of people, but more room to move. Beside one of the paths a nest of garter snakes had just opened up, and we happened across a couple of them making the Beast with Two Backs, which, if you suffer from Ophidiophobia, I suggest you try to avoid seeing.

Click the photo to see the rest of the set.

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