2008 Goes Out With A Bang, Crash, and A Boom

So there I was, driving Rick home from tai chi practice. We were heading east on Logan, at the Madison Ave intersection, when I noticed the stop sign. I hit the brakes, but on the fresh-fallen snow even ABS gave me no love. At about the middle of the intersection I saw “GMC” fast approaching my side window, so I let off the brakes and gunned the engine.

Apparently, I was half a second too slow.

The Escalade hit this side.

The Escalade hit my car about even with the driver’s side rear wheel, which spun the back end of my car around, up onto a curb, and into a telephone pole. The pole made contact just behind the passenger side rear wheel, and spun us back the other way and into a snowbank.

A telephone pole and a curb hit this side

We sat there for a second, making sure all of our parts were in the correct places, then jumped out and ran over to the SUV to make sure everyone was okay. Other than a smashed grill, there was not a mark on it. According to the tire tracks, the Escalade didn’t even slow down appreciably when it swatted my car out of the way.

Fortunately, no-one was hurt in either vehicle.

That was all last night about 9:30. I just got back from Wealthy Body Shop, getting some personal things out of the car. Seeing it in the daylight gave me a serious case of the shakes. The specific damage is not as bad as seeing that the car is no longer symmetrical, left to right. The whole thing is…warped.

my car is no longer bilaterally symmetrical

This is the first accident I have been in where I was at fault. It sucks.

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