Away3d and Flash Player 11

Butterfly Curve animated with Away3d

Click the image above to launch the experiment. Requires Flash Player 11. May beat up on older computers. A lot.

What you see here is a simple example of what the Flash 11 player is capable of. There are 500 cubes, dynamically lit, moving through a “Transcendent Butterfly” curve on the x and y axes, and a variation of an epicycloid in the Z. The whole formation is oscillating through the x, y, and z axes as well. The little box in the upper left corner shows frame rate and the amount of RAM which the animation is using. I have had as many as 1000 cubes running through this animation but the frame rate dropped down below 30 FPS. 500 cubes is plenty for the moment.

This animation was created using the Away3d code library.