Butterflies at the Frederick Meijer Gardens

On March 15 I visited the Frederik Meijer Gardens with my good friend Andrea, to take in the warmth and butterflies of the arboretum. If you have never been, I recommend the experience. After a winter like that of 2013-2014, any warmth is welcome, and a tropical rain forest is the perfect getaway. Only down side: more people than butterflies. If you can choose a time, go in the morning, preferrably on a weekday. No line to speak of, and fewer people in general. Afternoon on a Saturday is kind of crazy. Anyway: here are some photos. The full set is here on Flickr.


Red Passion Flower butterfly. Good name.


“Paper Kite” butterfly. And when you see them flying around…yeah, they kind of do look like they fit the name.


This one fluttered a little too low.


Emerald Swallowtail. I think this is my favorite of the butterflies on display.


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