New Things in the New Year

Coincident with the start of the New Year I have some new pursuits in my life. Well, one, actually. Maybe one and a half.

Back in November of 2013 I participated in National Novel Writing Month (“NaNoWriMo“) for the first time. I wrote just over 50,000 words in a near-future speculative fiction piece. In that time I joined a group of local writers. We call ourselves WriteOnGR. Within that group was a small cadre who had the idea/desire/drive to start a small publishing house which catered to writers who live in, or have some connection to, West Michigan.

Thus was born Caffeinated Press. We are a small publishing house. Each of us wears many hats.

Our first effort is an anthology of short stories, which we hope will hit the shelves sometime in February 2015. All the stories therein are completed and edited, and we are working on the design and layout of the actual book. Plus marketing, distribution, etc.

Caffeinated Press is now open for submissions. Any genre, any length.

It’s fun to participate in the beginning of something. That doesn’t happen so often any more.


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