2015 Reading List

This post is a space where I will list all the books I read in the 2015 calendar year. I last did a list like this back in, oh, 2002 or 2003. Back when I was young and feckless. Now that I am in my mid-40s, and have more feck (“feckful”?), I am more likely to keep current on a project like this. And because the feck is strong in me, I will limit myself to only listing those books I actually read a substantial portion of; say, 50% or more. Not just books I buy or borrow from the library. And I will only list books I have not read before. Otherwise Cryptonomicon and The January Dancer would show up here three or four times.

Feck it.

Anyway. THE LIST, in reading order:

  1. Buckell, TobiasHurricane Fever
  2. Lord, KarenRedemption in Indigo
  3. Ahmed, SaladinThrone of the Crescent Moon
  4. Kowal, Mary Robinette – Glamour in Glass
  5. Cascade Writers’ Group and The Great Lakes Commonwealth of LettersImagine This!: An ArtPrize Anthology
  6. Datlow, Ellen (ed.)Fearful Symmetries
  7. Harrison, JimThe Big Seven
  8. Collins, BrigidSinger
  9. Collins, RonGlamour of the God-Touched
  10. Tillich, PaulDynamics of Faith
  11. Chu, WesleyThe Lives of Tao
  12. Prose, FrancineReading Like a Writer
  13. Liu, CixinThe Three-Body Problem
  14. Bass, RickThe Hermit’s Story
  15. Lake, JayLast Plane to Heaven
  16. Flynn, MichaelIn the Country of the Blind
  17. Stephenson, Neal, et al – Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future
  18. Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, StephenThe Long Earth
  19. Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, StephenThe Long War
  20. Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, StephenThe Long Mars
  21. Keni, NiyatiEsperanza Street
  22. Bacigalupi, PaoloThe Water Knife
  23. Elwes, CaryAs You Wish
  24. McKeen, WilliamMile Marker Zero
  25. Ramsey, Susan BlackwellA Mind Like This
  26. Scalzi, JohnThe End of All Things
  27. Lord, KarenThe Best of All Possible Worlds
  28. Alexie, ShermanConversations with Sherman Alexie
  29. Reynolds, AlastairRevelation Space
  30. Clark, Jennifer – Necessary Clearings
  31. Schout, DawnWanderlust
  32. Ridl, JackLosing Season
  33. Weingard, ArneLevitation for Agnostics
  34. Buchinger, MaryAerialist
  35. Rocha, IlianaKarankawa
  36. Bonczek, MichelleThe Art of the Nipple
  37. Trier-Walker, Amy Jo – Trembling Outselves Into Trees
  38. Habra, HedyTea in Heliopolis
  39. McGookey, Kathleen – Stay
  40. Klatt, L.S.Cloud of Ink
  41. Dungey, ChrisThe Pace-Lap Blues
  42. Third FlatironOnly Disconnect
  43. Grand Rapids Writer’s ExchangeGrand Writers Anthology
  44. Pushcart Prize XXXIX
  45. Dillon, Grace L (ed.)  – Walking the Clouds
  46. Fox, Rose and Older, Daniel Jose (eds.) – Long Hidden
  47. Hopkinson, Nalo and Mehan, Uppinder (eds.) – So Long Been Dreaming


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