Mid-February Miscellany

This was an interesting week. Some of the warmest weather of the year so far, followed by the coldest, which is rolling in as I write this post in the Lyon Street Cafe.

* I have spent considerable time – and more than a little money – researching (West) Michigan writers for Caffeinated Press. Specifically, I have gone searching for writers who have either self-published or taken advantage of services like those provided by Schuler Books and Music. There are many out there. I have also found other independent and/or micro publishing houses, such as MiFiWriters, who produce quality work. So the fact that all of this is going on just reinforces the notion that starting a publishing company is a good idea.

* Interest in Caffeinated Press continues to build. We have a few novels traveling through the pipeline, and have had some queries about short stories. And we haven’t even begun the media bliltz yet. Right now we are looking at a kickoff party somewhere downtown, then the Anthology Release Party at Schuler Books & Music sometime in April. The anthology, Brewed Awakenings I, will hit the shelves within the month. Also, we are now accepting submissions for Brewed Awakenings II, to be published in early 2016.

* Various websites have put up lists of publishers and journals that are accepting submissions and entries for contests. Here are a few of the better ones:

And finally, currently reading: Reading Like a Writer, by Francine Prose. Found a reference on Aerogramme’s site. Wonderful book! I may have to buy myself a copy after I return this one to the library.

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