Sifu Day

Today is Sifu Day, a sort of Asia-wide Teacher Appreciation Day. My Kung Fu instructor, Master Ly, invited myself and the other assistant instructors over to his house for a small celebration. We lit incense in honor of his instructor, Sigong Chiu Chuk Kai, then meditated briefly, then Sifu Ly and his wife stuffed us full of the best home-cooked Chinese food on the continent.

Being a teacher on a day when I honor my teachers made me think about what it is, that makes a teacher…

A teacher imparts knowledge.
A teacher shows you a path, and lets you decide to walk it.
A teacher understands there are many paths up any mountain.
A teacher says “this is how I did it”
A teacher learns from his students as he teaches them.
A teacher criticizes students instructively, never as punishment.
A teacher takes responsibility for the ways his students use his knowledge.
A teacher will not hold your hand, but may help steady it.
A teacher rewards improvement with more instruction.

The greatest moment for a teacher is when his students take on students of their own.

Happy Sifu day, everyone!