Quick update today. Altered the stylesheet a little, obviously. Also changed the way the photo pages work, in order to get around some absolutely infuriating glitches in, well, every browser out there. And never the same glitch twice. All this from XHTML and CSS which conforms to all the latest standards.

Stupid browsers.

In order to make the pictures work I had to perform a (*gasp*) browser check.

if(document.all) {
 document.getElementById("picCaption").innerHTML = t.value;
 } else {
 document.getElementById("picCaption").innerHTML = t.attributes["value"].value;

The first time I have had to do that on my site in seven months. The sharp-eyed of you will notice that I am using a non-standard HTML attribute, “value”, associated with an image. I figure, XHTML is just a flavor of XML, like MathML, or WDDX. Therefore, it is eXtensible! Why NOT use custom tags? Micro$oft does it all the time. That is why I made the browser-check as insulting as possible by checking for the obsolete (document.all) feature in IE6.