My Eyes Are Bleeding

Started and finished marking up Tartuffe over the weekend. Took me about five hours. In prose the structure of the individual line is important so every single line had to have a start tag and an end tag. Translation: chapped eyes. An 800k document took me two hours, and a 120k (pre-markup) document took me five.

Here are links to Tartuffe and The Club of Queer Trades . Also, here is the XML Schema I am working on for Project Gutenberg.

I am also working on an abstract/explanation/tutorial on marking up PG texts in XML based on the afore-mentioned Schema. This will be insanely dull and opaque and of interest only to the kind of people who are willing to spend hours at a time converting an electronic version of a hundred-year-old book into a different electronic version of a hundred-year-old book.

And thus do I pass my time as I wait for the world to end.

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