The Genius of Marketing

Items offered to me, at a Substantial Discount, in my Gold Box:

An Iron
A Digimon Action Figure
Baby Jockey Light Blue Boxer Short Set
Collector’s Edition Anodized 11-inch Griddle w/ Non-Stick Finish
LabTech Computer Speakers
Cordless Phone with Call Waiting, Ivory
Amelie on DVD
5 1/2 – quart Round French Oven, Blue
3 – quart Cast-Iron Indoor – Outdoor Cooker Combo
Baby Sweet Jacket, Pant, and Hat set

Possible conclusions drawn about myself, based on contents of preceding list:

I have children.
I watch French movies.
I cook.
I will play with something labeled “action figure” when it is clearly a “doll”.
I require call waiting.
I own a computer.
I construct pancakes with a radius less than 5.5 inches.
I require multiple hardware options when making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
I collect aluminum cookware.
I cook French children.
I am susceptible to impulse purchases.

Some of these conclusion would be accurate. I’m not telling you which ones.

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