Given an even number n greater than zero. For each time ( d ) the result of the division of n by 2 returns an even number, it may be determined that n is a multiple of 2 raised to the power of d. Thus, say, 10 is a multiple of 2 (5) but not 4. Twenty is a multiple of 2 (10), 4 (5), but not eight. 80 is a multiple of 2 (40), 4 (20), 8 (10), and 16 (5), but not 32. And so on, ad infinitum.

I have no idea why this occurred to me today in the middle of a meeting, but it is covered by a draconian NDA, and all of you can expect to hear from my lawyers by the end of the week.

In other news, here is a list of the search strings which have led various people to

john winkelman (you rang?)
visual migraine (swirly. painful.)
mystery of time and space (look around you)
mystery of time and space game (I said look around you)
the mystery of time and space (you just aren’t listening)
0d point 1d line 2d plane 3d 4d time (3d VOLUME!!!!)
bad character innerhtml (not on MY site, monkeyboy)
how does silly putty absorb light (huh?)
karma and metaphor (dogma and semaphor)
mnemonic matteo ricci (pneumatic christina ricci)
pictures of the town of springport (more of a village, actually)
thinking about you (awww…*melts*)

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