Horresco Referens

Bookstore days:

customer: Do you have any books on bookshelves?
me: All of our books are on bookshelves.

A month and a half out from Christmas and we are well over halfway in to the obvious holiday marketing season. This is the third year since I graduated from college that I hold a job that is not particularly affected by the Christmas season; before programming, there were books and food.

With Cascading Style Sheet technology finally entering the mainstream the various popular/retail websites can update their look in an hour, where before a massive changeover of .gifs and FONT tags would take days – if the company in question could even be bothered to make the effort. Red, white and green are the same colors you will see if you are looking at a dead fish floating in algae.

This morning it occurred to me that with my last post I have increased the likelihood that people researching the photometric properties of Silly Putty will end up at es.o. Let us tip the scales some more: Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty Silly Putty.

Don’t sue me. I’m funny.

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