Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit

The new content management system is up and running. This is the first es.o post using the system. More later.

Okay. This is what the new CMA can do: create pages, alter pages, delete pages. 99% of what I do on this site is blogging, so that takes care of the overwhelming majority of what I need to do. And it looks cool.

Yesterday while shopping for supermarket sushi I ran into one of my old philosophy professors. Dr. Rowe was my advisor and mentor for the last two of my six years of higher (heh) education, and throughout the years since I have been an avid reader of his books.

He has a new one out, Living Philosophy , which is an introduction to a more humanistic philosophy than that usually taught and practiced in academia. His older work Rediscovering the West , a Buddhist-oriented examination of western traditions, made sense of many things which on which I had long since given up.

In the past three months I have had significant run-ins with two college professors; I have been dumped by a girl, I am working out and writing like a fiend, and I have watched several of my friends go through varying levels of significant personal trauma. It is as if my karma of a dozen years ago is coming around to remind me that though everything changes, nothing is truly lost.

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