My friend Andy, who keeps me forever jittery with cold-pressed coffee, asked me to redo the website of his band, Potato Moon . I said, Sure! Why not? No charge, just… every time you release a CD, send a few my way. Doesn’t cost you anything and I don’t have to pay more taxes.

Look for the the new design, and a front page, toward the end of the week.

The release party for their second CD, Midnight Water , is this Friday, December 13, at Schuler Books and Music . Another good friend Natalie, lately of Fonnmhor and now playing fiddle with the Conklin Ceili Band, will be sitting in so be sure to show up and give them all your money support.

In a day and age when multi-million dollar lawsuits are waged to keep people from stealing crappy music no-one with a lick of sense would pay for, it is good to have access to local music.