Memetic Sabotage

So I had this friend Jill who was kind of a feminist, but not really a feminist in the orthodox sense; just very much her own person, gender be damned. Anyone who didn’t know her would have figured her to forever be a college radical.

And I had this other friend, Mike, who was one of the nicest guys in the world, but had a gleeful appreciation for crude jokes.

There is a joke which goes “How is a [man||woman] like a roll of linoleum?”

The standard punchline is, “If you lay it right the first time, you never need to worry about it again.”

Mike, being the funny guy he is, once asked it of Jill, using the (for her) empowering version. What followed is one of the funniest reversals I have ever seen:

Mike: How is a man like a roll of linoleum?

Jill: You can cut it with a knife.