State of the State

…it’s not that I oppose removing Saddam from power; I just want the administration to admit, in so many words, that this whole thing is about oil. They could give a shit about terrorism. The kind of ego which wants to be president (i.e. sociopath) doesn’t see the people which elected it as real, let alone human. So then all of politics is a game played by the few who have been allowed entry and understand the rules.

Is Bush a sociopath? Sure. So is/was every other president since 1868. Not all have been as “psycho” as the current one, but the signs are all there. Disconnection from reality. Can’t distinguish Right from Wrong. Believes self to be the only real thing in the universe.

The only reason we are involved in the Middle East is oil. Sure, there are other reasons used as excuses to cover up the role the oil cartels play in our government games, but if you take oil out of the equation, we rapidly forget why we were ever there.

So let the baby-eaters in Washington play their games. I just want a little honesty. I and the dozen or so people left in this country who refuse to play the (non-existent) political party game are not stupid. Don’t talk down to us. We can see what is going on.

And for the hundred million of you jingoistic redneck ditto-heads who now think I must REALLY hate America, I have this to say: Fuck you. I love my country. But I loathe, to the core of my being, what the politicians are doing to it. There was an article on NPR last week discussing a “rider” on the defense spending bill. This rider was, in essence, a re-definition of “organic food”.

Huh? What the Hell does A have to do with B????

This is typical of the little political games played within the larger context of international politics. This is the deliberate attempt, by the politicians of BOTH PARTIES, to remove from the people of America, a little at a time, the right and opportunities to make decisions for themselves.

This kind of shit has been going on for a long, long time. The line-item veto which raised so many hackles during Clinton’s presidency was a feeble attempt to correct this legal atrocity.

This is the end goal of politics: To remove all power of choice from the people of this country. The people we elect (while we still have that right) make decisions and pass laws and write bills and wipe up after themselves with the constitution. And lately (since the politicians started using the 9/11 terrorist attacks for self-aggrandizement) any criticism of anything at all that happens in DC is met with cries of “traitor!”

Having said this, I will sit here and wait for the American Oil Mafia to break down my door and shoot me in the head. Remember, you heard it first here, at

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