The Random Soap-Opera of My Life

The kung fu/tai chi/chi kung demonstration on Saturday was deemed, by all participants, the best show EVER! We all had a great deal of fun, we were all relaxed and focused and exactly where we needed to be.

At my suggestion Virginia stopped out to watch the show. Sure, we have only been dating for a week and a half, but I wanted to get it right out in the open that This Is What I Do. She said it was intense and very cool, particularly watching Master Lee beat Rick and I with large sticks in the Chi Kung portion of the show.

She left so suddenly afterward that I was afraid I had scared here away (“FREAK!!!!”). That was, fortunately, not the case. We have another date on Wednesday. She wants to see The City of Lost Children.

On Sunday I went back to the farm where I saw Don’s left hand for the first time since his accident . The doctors did a great job repairing what they could, and now his hand looks just like a normal hand, except for the missing ring and pinkie fingers.

My brother was there with his girlfriend and the bunch of us went through a big box of old photographs, dating back to around 1965. I was a cute kid. My brother was a cute kid, but I was cuter. It was interesting to see the evolution of my Dad’s facial hair, from clean-shaven to mustache and lambchops, to fu-manchu-ish mustache, to full beard, to mustache, to full beard, to clean shaven, to mustache. And that was just 1972.

So now my free time is taken up completing the website for Master Lee. there was a design. It was not quite right. Now there is a new design, provided by the inestimable Mr. Bock . I am way late in finishing the thing. It should have been done six months ago. I blame it on… er… umm… me.

And so to home, and thence to practice.

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