Where have I been? Ah! Therein lies an interesting story…

Nah, not really. I have been playing around with new things.

On Friday, when I decided not to go to work, I spent a couple of hours downloading and installing Apache, PHP and MySql on my home computer. To a certain extent, it all worked. Apache worked without a hitch. PHP runs fine, although I haven’t quite figured out how to get all the extensions (e.g. XSLT) working. And MySql stopped working when I did something with my firewall, which makes no sense because the firewall adjustment was to block MySql from accessing the internet, which it should NEVER have to do.

Meh. I’ll sort it out soon enough.

The other cool new thing is actually a cool OLD thing, and by old I mean 1985 / Commodore 64 OLD. The game is Telengard, and there is a fella made a perfect clone of it for PC users. After a couple of hours of playing I have to say, Wow, what a nostalgia trip.

Maybe I just need to get out more.

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