36! or, A More Perfect Square Than Usual

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. I was going to post something about the goings-on of previous June 5ths in the history of the world, but due to apocalyptic thunderstorms I was without power until after 11:00pm.

My weekend had two high points: The first was on Saturday, when Master Lee’s school performed downtown at Festival. The amazing Anisa did her usual brilliant job as our official/unofficial class photographer. The photos will be posted to Master Lee’s site later this week.

For me, the best part of the demonstration was when Master Lee’s nine-year-old grandson, Ethan, performed a solo version of Gung Li Chuan, one of our basic forms. In the photos Master Lee is standing behind Ethan, face absolutely glowing with pride.

Then yesterday my girlfriend Paula, and the afore-mentioned Anisa, and Anisa’s boyfriend Geoffrey cooked an amazing dinner (fish, asparagus, couscous, tiramisu) to help me celebrate while the thunder and lightning and wind and rain and hail raged outside. Bock bought me a bottle of rum, and my parents called to say Hi Happy Birthday

Good food, good friends, a loving family, and a numerically interesting birthday. Could life possibly get any better?