Me and You and A Dog Named Boo

Things are kind of slow at Steelcase right now, so I am working from home. I haven’t done this in months; not since the 6-week vacation between jobs back in February and early March. Much to my surprise, I am being fairly productive. So far, I have worked out some of the data structure-and-flow issues in a SAP training game; I have installed TextPattern for one client, and am piecing together the logic for the secure client login for another client.

I find I have a difficult decision ahead of me: Ferris State University wants to hire me to teach a Game User Interface Design class during the Fall semester. On the one hand, HELL YEAH!!! On the other, my plate is already pretty full, and what with the Web Design class at Kendall College taking up most of my (otherwise) free time, I would be so busy that I would never see my girlfriend.

I suppose I could just stop sleeping. Again.

On a lighter note, Paula and I saw Star Wars on Sunday. The special effects were fantastic. So much so, that I occasionally forgot that there were people in the movie, too. Overall, I thought SW3 was better than SW1 or SW2, simply because the dialogue was much improved (but still not good by any stretch of the imagination). “Younglings”? Please! What are you, Lucas, a 12-year-old Star Wars fan fiction writer?

After a brief detour through A Game of Thrones, I have picked up Dark Age Ahead again. Check this out:

Cultural xenophobia is a frequent sequel to a society’s decline from cultural vigor. Someone has aptly called self-imposed isolation a fortress mentality. [Karen] Armstrong describes it as a shift from faith in logos, reason, with its future-oriented spirit, always seeking to know more and to extend areas of competence and control of the environment, to mythos, meaning conservatism that looks backward to fundamentalist beliefs for guidance and a worldview.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.