FITC: Notes from Adobe Keynote Session

(Notes from Flash in the Can conference)

Ryan: “They’re trying to sell me something which I have no choice but to buy.”

Flash player adoption rates:
FP7: 75% in 12 months
FP8: 94% in 12 months
FP9: 84% in 9 months

PaperVision demo
-xwing obstacle course

Flash Player 9:
-now has full-screen video support. Not full-browser — FULL SCREEN
-10 million downloads a day

CS3 is now shipping
All CS3 products now have a standardized interface

Flash CS3:
-timeline is now in its own panel
-can now import Photoshop files into Flash IDE
-selectively import layers from PS
-multiple options for importing text from PS
-jpeg compression engine is now using the Fireworks engine

-Can now (natively) import Illustrator files into Flash, rather than needing third-party library

Robert Penner stuff
-timeline animations can now be exported as Actionscript/XML.
-this can be done per-layer
-Actionscript class which interprets the outputted XML is included with Flash CS3

-Flash CS3 can be used to build Flex components
-timeline and “states” integration
-event integration
-download MPX plugin to allow Flex app export from CS3
CTRL+ENTER export of .swc export (.swc == flex component version of .swf)
-a flex component can be ANYTHING

-intelligent streaming
-can detect bandwidth
-can detet player version
Akami — “tour of California” video — streaming 60 gigabytes per second through the media server
-awesome demo of LIVE ENCODING! No Delay! Real-time encoding of webcam feed into .flv ready for streaming.
-standard flv playmack component has been significantly improved
[demo of live video inside flash movie]
-media server can record live video as it happens and save it to the server.
-mention of, which has a tool which allows you to assemble the stuff you have up on into a .flv, rearrange, add effects and titles, etc.

-Deploy Rich Internet Applications as desktop applications.
-Company called “effective UI” created a desktop app for eBay.
-Apollo runtime includes: —Flash player —WebKit HTML engine (the one used in Safari)

-DEMO: Apollo RSS reader — Built using AJAX (the Yahoo! library). Cool stuff!
-Apollo currently available in public alpha
-plugin coming for Dreamweaver and Flash to natively publish Apollo apps.

-sneak peek of Alpha build
-a lot like the Democracy player
-fully skinnable
-RSS feed can deliver colors, background, ads, content, thumbnails, the whole bit.
-demo of Reno 911 clip, pulled from RSS along with Background image and embedded ad.
-seems to have been built with Apollo…?

-allows file I/O
-local data storage
-custom chrome
-system notifications and alerts
-multi-window support
-apps can run in background
-network API
-hypothetical example: eBay app. You bid on a product, tell the app to run in the background, then get a window alert if someone out-bids you.—sneak-peek at desktop player built in Apollo

-preview of Flex Builder III
-Flex is for building Applications; not so much about websites or experiences. — Flex-based, online presentation creator

-BUZZWORD: online competitor for Microsoft Word

“Moxie”: Code-name for Flex III SDK and Builder — lots of work being done to make Flex “back-end neutral”; should work equally with all middleware


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