Memorial Day Breakfast

Breakfast for two:

1 thinly sliced apple
several small pieces of Amber Valley Sage Derby cheese

main course:
many stalks of asparagus, sprinkled with chili powder and grilled on a George Foreman grill
a five-egg omelet with roasted bell pepper, wilted spinach, and peppercorn Gouda cheese
two cups of toddy

…all eaten out on the porch while watching the sun cross the sky.

So It Begins

This morning I spent a couple of hours planting the last of my salsa plants for the year. I have twelve pepper plants in the ground, and three tomato plants in containers.

I have eight plants in my front bed, six of which are visible in this photo.

Four more plants are in the back, near my recently-planted Arborvitae at the north end of my property

The tomatoes were a spur-of-the moment decision, and will supposedly thrive in the pots.

The pepper plants are as follows:
1 Red Cherry
1 Kung Pao
1 Hungarian Wax
1 Concho
1 Serrano
1 Pimienta “Cowhorn”
2 Anaheim TMR 23
2 Super Cayenne II
2 Jalapeño

The tomatoes are as follows:
1 Amish paste tomato
2 San Marzano paste tomatoes

That’s right: twelve pepper plants this year. I had three last year, and they did amazingly well in containers. This year I wanted something a little more aesthetically pleasing, as well as manageable, considering my limited space. I do not expect all of them to thrive, but the ones that do bear fruit at the end of summer will help me to learn where to plant things next year.

I have a couple of unused containers left over from last year, so if I find any more interesting/promising pepper seedlings, I may put them to some use.